S.H.I.E.L.D. programme ~ refer & receive

the transition law S.H.I.E.L.D. PROGRAMME



Here at Transition Law SHIELD we want to encourage everyone in business to comply with the Data Protection rules. We pay to operate the SHIELD Programme to allow businesses to show their commitment to Data Protection excellence. Each Member commits to a Voluntary Code of Practice and receives SEVEN Free Member Benefits, all free of Charge!

​​​​Refer & Receive

We encourage Members to make the most of their Membership and use the Member benefits to bring value to their businesses and keep them safe from making expensive mistakes or being fined by the Data Regulator. (The ICO)

We have recently started a referral scheme called Refer & Receive. The idea is that Members can refer non Members to us who will then receive a free assessment of their business to see if they are compliant for Data Protection.

Once a referral business has been assessed, if they are compliant they will be offered free Membership of SHIELD.

The Member who refers the prospective Member to us will receive a £50 Amazon Voucher once the prospective Member has joined SHIELD.

The Terms of the Refer & Receive programme are quite straightforward:

1) Any Member in Good Standing may refer any person in business for a free assessment.


2) The assessment, if successful will allow the prospect to be offered SHIELD membership. If they accept and become a Member of SHIELD, their referrer will receive a Voucher.

3) If the free assessment is not successful the prospect has two choices. Either:

a) They can have any remedial work completed and return for another assessment for SHIELD Membership, or

b) Engage Transition Law to assist them become compliant and consequently be issued with a SHIELD Membership.

In either case, once they become a member their referrer will be issued with a voucher.

4) The prospect, once accepted as a Member will be able to refer people in their own right and receive a voucher for doing so.


​​NB: Transition Law operates mostly in the Small & Medium Sized Enterprises sector and is focused largely on this type of business but we grant S.H.I.E.L.D Holder status to any and all businesses who can demonstrate compliance and their intention to remain compliant under the various data protection Regulations and legislation.